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Keeping Fit with Clementi Neighbours!

When we're out there moving tools, building up scaffolds and bent over painting, we work A LOT of our muscles. It's important to keep them healthy and strong. For the past 5 weekends, our workers got themselves to Firefly Park @ Clementi to help set up for Strong Mind Fit Body's events.

Strong Mind Fit Body is a ground-up movement that promotes the idea of functional fitness. You can lift heavy in the gym and finish an ultramarathon, but if you can't do groceries and run after your young kid safely, what's the point? In support of this movement and to introduce the idea of being functionally fit to our office, we got ourselves down there to volunteer and be part of the workouts!

'KICKSTART with Strong Mind Fit Body' was the anchor event. It's special because we did tons of pair workout for that exercise. It was also held in conjunction with Bukit Timah Junior League Championship recruitment so we saw lots of family joining in the workout as well.

We mainly volunteered our time and effort into preparing logistics such as setting up the chairs, distributing refreshments and ushering. There were about 30 participants per session so 15 chairs in total. After the session, fruits and drinks were distributed as participants sat around to get to know each other. Whenever there was time, we would join in the session itself and get a good exercise!

It was a great opportunity to get to know the boss, the people we worked with and their friends/families through these out-of-work activities. Definitely doing more - stay tuned! :)

#Volunteer #Weekend #Fitness #Health

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